What do we do?

Right now we are trying to get the word out to help in the foster care system to reach the next generation.

Radio interview with Emmy Award Winner – Kate Delaney!


The book is available on Amazon – ‘A Natural Child in a Foster Care Home’ or by going to the ‘Book for Sale’ tab at the top of this page.

Here’s the link to the podcast of my interview with Emmy Award Winner – Kate Delaney. It airs on radio Feb 4, 2019.  KCAA is a good place to listen live on the West coast it will air at 10:30 pm Pacific on Kcaaradio.com

One of the ways we are working to help is to get the word out about the many ways to help the next generation through helping in foster care. Filling in a gap that is in serious need of help. There are ways to help and not all have long term commitments. A foster parent can select an age group best suits their family dynamics and activity level. 

Hopefully as you listen this will peak your curiosity to reach out to a Placement Agency near you and see if there is something you can do to help.  Not sure where to look? Search the internet for ‘child placement services, your county, your state’. 

I so enjoyed this interview with Kate. I hope everyone who listens enjoys and is encouraged to step out in their gifts and talents to help. Link is at the top of this paragraph.

How do we know when to help

When a person decides to focus their efforts on constructive behaviors rather than destructive Ones: such as getting a job and staying with it, getting addictive behaviors out of their life, etc. We try to help. Often in changing ones life they find themselves in need of a little help stay the course.  Friends but also incentives to help them keep going forward. A few basic furnishings can reduce the stress of finally getting a home or apartment. Supplying it with chairs, tables, beds, etc lifts a person up and help them to see they can make it. An encouraging word, when life seems hopeless or heavy, can keep someone on the right path. Insight or a listening ear when trying to make big decisions can assist in positive growth. Helping people be better people is our goal.

We also to help other ministries who help people in challenging situations: local homeless shelters, abuse homes and such, If they are in need of clothing and we have them they are welcome to them.

We prayerfully connect ministries with other ministries and people with ministries looking for volunteers.

To do this, We accept donations both monitory and physical, such as household or yard items. These items are either donated to someone in need or they are solid through BPCM, LLC, to turn items into cash for other needs such as; medical supplies to a hospital in Mangochi, Malasl, mission trips to share the gospel or do physical labor needed both home and abroad.

When we connect ministries to one another, we simply introduce them as we feel led. Introducing people to ministry with similar gifts and needs.  Once we introduce them we leave the rest to those involved unless needed. Their ministry their connection. We let them decide what to do with the connection. We also use financial resources to help support other ministries on projects they are working on; such as self, sufficient growth to sustain orphanages. We take people on mission trips to bring the gospel and fulfill physical needs all around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build people up in life, help them find their gifts and talents and grow in them as they grow in their relationship with Jesus. Helping the body find unity while helping ministries and individuals grow. 

TLG Ministries works to be the ‘helping hand’ in the lives of the people around us. We strive to help people make the next step toward a better life. Most of us have hit a place in our life where we needed a hand up or at least an encouraging word to help point us in a positive impact on the lives of people around us by providing that ‘hand up’.