The Ministries We Know…

Each ministry below are I have personally been on site with and/or have known for many years personally. I can say without doubt that these ministries put their hands to the plow and use their resources wisely on the Lord’s business.  Each is fully dedicated to trusting God. If you are looking for fertile ground to sow  seeds of time, prayer, resources, help or finances, these are ministries you will be glad to contribute to. 

Carry The Light

Carry the Light’s goal is for 10 orphanages by 2020.
Many lives, over many years in many countries and in TX have been touched by the love for children Dr Greg Haynes and his wife, Donna, have for children.
For years Dr Greg and Donna Haynes have been giving to a vision to have 10 Projects of: orphanages, schools and churches built by 2020. Each orphanage is being set up to be self-supportive. Donations toward the self-supportive efforts are invited at this time. Currently they are breaking ground on numbers 7 & 8. They have a tremendous fish project in the works right now to help cover the cost for 80 plus orphans, their schools and the staff that cares and teaches them. Check out this exciting project and more on our website.

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Christ for India

Christ For India is an amazing ministry founded many years ago. It has continued to be strong even in times of adversity into the second generation. Following family tradition they live sacrificial lives to provide for those in their care and the community around them.
This ministry exists to Fulfill Christ’s Great Commission to India by TRAINING nationals as pastors and evangelists, ESTABLISHING native churches, PROVIDING humanitarian aid, and EDUCATING India’s future leadership. This ministry also plays an important role in the community around them as the hands and feet of Jesus.
As a ministry that’s working to become self-sustaining they not only raise some of their own food, they have a team that builds and maintains web pages they host, such as the site you are on.
If you like to help others become better people while also helping those in need, you will enjoy seeing the lives that are touched and changed sown on their website.

Cities For Christ

Cities for Christ was founded by Evangelist Steven Koko over 10 years ago. This missionary organization is based in Chicago, IL has preached the gospel in the US and all over in the South American countries. They have seen well over 170,000 souls come into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
In 2018, in the country of Panama God has used them to unite over 2000 churches -- the huge 'Panama para Cristo' movement was launched! Each week thousands of children, teachers, business owners and customers came to Christ. The Lord has changed the dynamics of these schools in mighty ways. The churches of Panama are disciplining and continuing the work to reach the lost in the schools.
This year they continue to work in Panama setting up worship in the masses of people who have made the bi-annual trek to see the Pope. Many are coming into a deep walk with God and the saving knowledge of Jesus as the power of God touches them.
This intensity of Evangelism and ministry needs a lot of prayer and support to keep up the momentum with your continued prayers, involvement and support they are believing for the entire nation of Panama to come into the Kingdom of God. Learn more about this powerful ministry on their website.

Go Missions - Africa & More

Their Vision is to see ONE MILLION souls saved by 2020. Over 200,000 Souls have been Saved To Date!
Dr Solomon and Pastor Marna Kepkey having started ministry at a young age, have been ministering around the world for several years. They continue with diligence and compassion to reach the lost and the captive. Raising up and encouraging the new and mature Christians. Bringing the power, anointing and Love of God through Christ and the Holy Spirit where ever they go.
2018 had Dr Solomon in Panama teamed up with Cities for Christ, uniting churches, in stadium size all night prayer vigils, 10's of thousands in the streets marching for Jesus, ministering in schools, churches, businesses and the streets as hundreds a day came to Christ and were set free. The local churches that came along side to help now disciple the people through the training given during the 'Panama Para Cristo' movement that is continuing still.
Go Missions - Africa also has multiple teams in S. Africa who go into the schools each week in S. Africa and Zimbabwe bringing the gospel as they are compelled by love and compassion. These are just a few of the many teams Dr Solomon and Pastor Marna have raised up over the years.
The soil of this ministry has been fertile and prosperous for many years and with their humble hearts it will continue to be a good place to sow seed that will impact nations.
Learn more about this ministry on their website.

Hope of the World Ministry

This ministry works in East Africa with indigenous tribes, remote areas of Asia, Eastern Europe and South and Central America carrying the gospel of Christ to those who have never heard before. Where these believers go God demonstrates His power and love through signs and wonders as Mark 16:21. They grow the Kingdom of God by planting and constructing churches in these areas. Many of the churches they construct are also used as schools for children who have no other opportunity to go to school. They have raised funds for several wells in many different areas. They also teach and help the hungry here in the United States when they are home. They have fed many during natural disaster and shared the love of Jesus while doing so. You like them learn more about this powerful ministry you can contact them through their website.