Helping One Person Might Not
Change the Whole World...

Helping One Person Might Not Change the Whole World...

But, it Could Change
the World For One Person.

But, it Could Change the World For One Person.

TLG Ministries is a non-profit organization utilizing faith-based initiatives to serve families in need throughout Northwest Indiana.

Our Vision

Our vision is designed to be big enough to meet the needs yet small enough to help people one-on-one as we fill the gap between community services and self-sufficiency with our three-pronged approach of building people in all areas:

Emotional Support

Spiritual Support

Physical Help

and to be a Resource to Locate Resources.

Our Core Initiatives

Spiritual Support

  • Sharing the Word of God at nursing homes for those unable to attend church.
  • Partnering with local churches to propagate spiritual teachings and values.
  • Teaching Bible Study in various community settings, such as housing opportunities and community buildings.
  • Collaborating with local churches, like Hobart Assembly and The House of Prayer Church, to expand their reach and support.

Emotional Support

  • Connecting with individuals, ministering to them, and providing avenues for emotional healing and well-being.

Physical Help

  • Providing essential items, such as furniture and kitchen items, to families in need in Northwest Indiana.
  • Partnering with organizations such as Housing Opportunities, Repurpose Place in Chesterton, and Clothes-N-Prayers in Valparaiso to meet the diverse needs of the community.

Resource Coordination

  • Acting as a bridge to connect those in need with appropriate resources, whether by providing items directly or referring them to partner ministries.
  • Sharing information and resources about different foster care opportunities, such as Josiah White’s Foster Care and the DCS Licensing Dept.
  • Advocating for roles like CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) and Case Manager Provider, which offer various services from mentoring to therapy for children in foster care.

Foster Care Advocacy

The well-being and future of children in the foster care system are at the very core of our mission, resonating deeply within our hearts. We believe that every child deserves love, safety, and a nurturing environment.

If you feel God’s calling to step into the life of a child, 
there are several avenues through which you can make an indelible impact.

Josiah White's Foster Care

Supports and aligns with Christian faith.

DCS Licensing Dept.

State-run option for those looking to become licensed foster parents.


Serve as a voice of a child in court.

Become a Case
Manager Provider

Opportunities include home-based casework, mentoring, tutoring, supervised visits, counseling, and therapy.

Or Support a Current Foster Family

Offer help or ask how you can assist a family you know that fosters.

Rev. Tawnya's Book

A Natural Child In A Foster Care Home

 A Natural Child In A Foster Care Home is a look into a world where foster children and natural children have grown up side by side. It shows their ups and downs, expressing their true reactions, their challenges, processes, and successes. This book can inspire you and hopefully open your eyes to see what fostering could be like for you.

This inspirational book was written to encourage others to step up to the challenge and see what God can do through you.  A short time CAN change a life and the book tells just such a story. 

Our Partners

TLG Ministries has successfully partnered with the following organizations. If you are looking for fertile ground to sow seeds of time, prayer, resources, help or finances, these are ministries you will be glad to contribute to.

Carry The Light

Carry The Light’s vision is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, beginning at home, and reaching abroad. We accomplish this by building orphanages, churches, schools, etc. as well as preaching, teaching, and discipling through a variety of venues including crusades, seminars, and home to home evangelism.

Nations For Christ

Nations for Christ (NFC) aims to transform nations through unity, prayer, and evangelism. Led by Dr. Solomon Kepkey and Evangelist Steven Koko, the organization focuses on winning 1 million souls for Christ and offers special programs like school evangelism and NFC University for training.

Hope of the World Ministry

Hope of the World’s mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost of the world and it accomplishes it in two ways. First and foremost, we preach the Gospel to the lost and disciple the church in all of the areas we work in. And secondly, the ministry partners with and supports native ministries in those areas to insure that the Gospel moves forward on an ongoing and continual basis.

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