About Us

About TLG Ministries

At TLG Ministries, we are grounded in the principles of faith, compassion, and service. Serving as a pillar of support in Northwest Indiana, our non-profit organization is committed to enriching the lives of families in need. Through our diverse faith-based initiatives, we provide both practical aid and spiritual sustenance to the community.

Our Vision

Our vision is designed to be big enough to meet the needs yet small enough to help people one-on-one as we fill the gap between community services and self-sufficiency with our three-pronged approach of building people in all areas:

Emotional Support

Spiritual Support

Physical Help

and to be a Resource to Locate Resources.

Meet the Team

Reverend Tawnya Gregory, BA

Founder, Director

She is a woman of compassion for the hurting and lost. She desires to reach others by helping provide for the physical items they know they need to give them the Spiritual things they don’t know they need, JESUS!

As a wife of over 35 years, a mother of 3 grown children, a former homeschool educator, business owner, worship leader, public speaker, preacher, teacher, author, ministry pioneer, mentor and more, God has used Tawnya to launch ministries within the church and external to the church. To raise up others to step into their callings in those ministries.  As a missions pastor since 2004, she has been blessed to minister locally and in Australia, Costa Rica, Panama, Uganda, Kenya, Peru, and more.

Tawnya’s deepest desire is to help all people grow and become the best person they can with the love of Jesus Christ in their lives. Whether it is those in need as families trying to get back on their feet or foster children needing to feel love to be healed and set free from the bondage of anger, fear, hurt and abuse. To see this come to pass Tawnya strives to bring awareness to others on ways to help including sharing how getting involved in foster care programs can change more than just a child’s life. It can impact a community.. 

Having grown up as the youngest natural child in a home that took in foster chilcren, Tawnya developed a passion for the children and families in the foster care and works to help connect those in need with the resources available. 

Her memoirs of her childhood, how it shaped her perspective and made her the person she is today, are recorded in her book, A Natural Child In A Foster Care Home, published under the pen name Tanja Luayne. More information about the book is available here.

Rich Weigel, PhD

Board Member

Dr. Rich Weigel is a highly qualified Leadership, Executive, and Visioneering Coach and Consultant. He has an extensive background in the field of education with over 30 years in a variety of roles including superintendent, principal, director, and teacher. He is a CliftonStrengths coach, Leadership Transition expert, and national trainer for multiple methodologies empowering professionals to work together to achieve spectacular results.

Rich has five college degrees and has done post-doctoral work from several universities and organizations. He has been an adjunct professor for 4 different universities that included writing the curriculum for Business Ethics, Leadership Change, Interpersonal Leadership, Instructional Design, and Educational Leadership.

Rich has been the president of CCNI (Christian Coaches Network International) since 2020. His latest book, Equipping Christian Leaders: A Talent-Based Coaching Workbook, will be published soon. He is also working on a book to be titled Leading God’s Way for Lasting Impact and making notes for a future book on Visioneering. He has designed a Visioneering and Goal Setting coaching process that can help individuals and teams to reach new levels of success.

He is the CEO of ProEdCoach, leading a team of highly talented people who help leaders and teams to transform their work to higher achievement. He also serves on the NW Indiana planning team for the Global Leadership Summit. He is married with 3 adult children. You can check out the multiple facets of his expertise and background by visiting his website.

Melissa Boyd, BSW

Board Member

Seeking the Lord daily, she has a heart for the things of God. Her life’s work has been focused on helping rebuild the lives and families of those afflicted by poverty, homelessness, abused and neglected children. She has walked through the challenges with individuals and families while providing emotional, physical and spiritual support when needed.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling and Human Services and is a Certified Recovery Specialist. She mostly utilizes her counseling experience to provide Trauma Informed Care to foster children and their families in the Child Welfare system.  She also helps people outside the system whom God brings across her path.

She uses her experience to reach the lost and the broken and shares the love of Christ with others. She has dedicated her life to helping people restore their lives and build a better future.

Our Partners

TLG Ministries has successfully partnered with the following organizations. If you are looking for fertile ground to sow seeds of time, prayer, resources, help or finances, these are ministries you will be glad to contribute to.

Carry The Light

Carry The Light’s vision is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, beginning at home, and reaching abroad. We accomplish this by building orphanages, churches, schools, etc. as well as preaching, teaching, and discipling through a variety of venues including crusades, seminars, and home to home evangelism.

Nations For Christ

Nations for Christ (NFC) aims to transform nations through unity, prayer, and evangelism. Led by Dr. Solomon Kepkey and Evangelist Steven Koko, the organization focuses on winning 1 million souls for Christ and offers special programs like school evangelism and NFC University for training.

Hope of the World Ministry

Hope of the World’s mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost of the world and it accomplishes it in two ways. First and foremost, we preach the Gospel to the lost and disciple the church in all of the areas we work in. And secondly, the ministry partners with and supports native ministries in those areas to insure that the Gospel moves forward on an ongoing and continual basis.

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